Something witty this way comes.

What is MBoffin.com?

I could define MBoffin.com in several ways. I could get into the technical aspects of the site, describing how it's a forum and blogging engine rolled into one. I could get into the personal aspect of it as a stomping ground for me as I learn new web technologies. But I think the aspect that's most important is the community that makes up the site.

MBoffin.com has never had a "theme" or particular topic it centers on. People often ask me why people come here. I have to honestly tell them I don't know. I could tell them the Google searches that have brought people here, but that doesn't help because the kinds of searches that bring people here range from the ultra-mundane to the downright bizzare. I could tell them it's because of the great discussions that occur, but discussions on this site are known for how quickly they veer off into wild tangents. So I really don't know. However, I do know that you can miss out on a lot of good stuff by not going to this site.