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History of MBoffin.com

MBoffin.com started in 1999 as simply a stomping ground while I learned various web technologies (primarily Active Server Pages). At that point in time, it went through a re-design about every three months. Finally, in 2001 I started working on an actual site engine, as opposed to just some database driven ASP pages loosely put together into a site.

Development for this new site engine went on for about six months, culminating in a public release in early February of 2002. This was the first version of the site that allowed others to participate in the site with their own user accounts and such. Finally reaching some semblance of stability, the site remained unchanged for almost two years.

In mid-2003, I started work on a new site engine built with ASP.Net, instead of classic ASP. I had been coding in ASP for many, many years and so the shift was a hard one. The whole mode of thinking for ASP.Net is completely different than ASP, basically making me re-learn application development. (I hadn't done any application development for about four years at this point.)

Finally in April of 2004, the new ASP.Net site engine was released. Except for a few new features here and there, the functionality of the site was essentially the same as the old site. One major back-end difference was the changing over from an Access database to a full SQL Server database.

What you are viewing now is the second release of the ASP.Net engine. There are many fundamental changes in how this engine works, compared to the first release. Many, many features have been added, with the framework in place for many more features.