Something witty this way comes.

Happy Valentines Day!

So what did you do for your loved one today? Don't have a loved one? We'll break out the violins while you tell us your story!


Valentines day sucks. You can be Hallmark's bitch, not me!
CoolGui - Feb 14, 2002 @ 10:09 AM - Permanent Link
Well, my girlfriend is rabidly upset with me, and I can't change my Theme setting. Even just giving direct RGB values doesn't change the color scheme.

Help me, Obi-boffin! You're my only hope!
jpwain - Feb 14, 2002 @ 2:44 PM - Permanent Link
Hit refresh ya doofus.
Dylan - Feb 14, 2002 @ 2:47 PM - Permanent Link
Well, let' see... Seeing as my "loved ones" consist of my two bitches - we're not doing much.

It's going to be a quiet night around the house - trolling on some Diablo II Expansion Pack, whilst my roommate slaves over the stove, and my two dogs curl up over my feet and troll out with me.

Such is the happy life of a good troll.

Lisboa - Feb 14, 2002 @ 3:17 PM - Permanent Link
Oh, so I have to click Update Site Settings and <i>then</i> hit Refresh? I didn't guess at that.

Maybe there's some way to do it after just one button press?
jpwain - Feb 14, 2002 @ 3:35 PM - Permanent Link
And hey, Kevin: nice to see you!
jpwain - Feb 14, 2002 @ 3:37 PM - Permanent Link
Go to Tools/Internet Options and then under the Temporary Internet Files, go to Settings. Then choose Every Visit to the Page. That will do it for you.
Dylan - Feb 14, 2002 @ 3:42 PM - Permanent Link
Yeah, good to see you Lisboa!
Dylan - Feb 14, 2002 @ 3:43 PM - Permanent Link
Not that this is exactly Valentine related or somesuch, but FYI - Erik Becker is my roommate...chilling in Phoenix.
Lisboa - Feb 14, 2002 @ 8:47 PM - Permanent Link
It better not be Valentine related. Otherwise you have some explaining to do.
Dylan - Feb 14, 2002 @ 8:55 PM - Permanent Link

Well, he is reputed above to be slaving over the stove... And what's this about bitches under the desk? Hmmm...
jpwain - Feb 14, 2002 @ 11:59 PM - Permanent Link
MB: the date/time stamps are off by 3 hours.
jpwain - Feb 14, 2002 @ 11:59 PM - Permanent Link
That's where the server is.
Dylan - Feb 15, 2002 @ 12:02 AM - Permanent Link
Hey, CoolGui! This guy seems to share your sentiments about Valentines Day. :-)
Dylan - Feb 15, 2002 @ 9:47 AM - Permanent Link
Hey everybody, Baggy is here, I know no one remembers Baggy...
Kevin say HI to Becker over there...
Has anyone seen Tommy Dunn???
Anyway, to stay on the subject, I had a pretty good Valentine's Day, obviously I ate like a pig, but it wasn't only food what I had. (god damn it, can i say god damn in here?, i'm kind of losing my english)...
well got to go to sleep, I just saw the worst movie ever made "Vanilla Sky"...
Baggy - Feb 15, 2002 @ 4:34 PM - Permanent Link
Baggy! Wow. Long time no see. Glad to hear from you.
Dylan - Feb 15, 2002 @ 9:07 PM - Permanent Link

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