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What's being worked on

So what part of the site am I working on now? Well, the first needed feature is to be able to add links and formatting into posts. This is such a needed feature that I'm going to go all out until it's in, which hopefully will be tonight.

Then, I'll be adding the ability to go back and edit your posts. This, again, is a very needed feature.

While there is still lots more that I'm in the middle of coding, what other features would you like to see on the site?


Tempted to see if your nerdiness surpasses that of the cheeseheads over at Millweed. I've put down a challenge to see if either site can create code that will allow someone to add their own webcam to your site.

Such as I could add my webcam here. Millweed has trolled off and started opening their doors to open content- but not cams.

Curious to see if either site takes the challenge - given I know the potency of each sites admins and their computer prowess.
Lisboa - Feb 14, 2002 @ 3:20 PM - Permanent Link
Let me nig that from the table. It's already here. Just finished looking over the profile shtuff.

MBoffin - rulez!
Lisboa - Feb 14, 2002 @ 3:22 PM - Permanent Link
Oh, you want to step, eh?!

One feature that would be nice: being able to have threaded threads--so I can make it clear what post I'm replying to.

Maybe a "reply to this post" button that either quoted the text or automatically put in "this in response to post ID#xyz".
jpwain - Feb 14, 2002 @ 3:40 PM - Permanent Link
Shoot... look at this foo dupree.

I think the coolest thing thus far is commenting stuff... the blog software we're using supports them. We simply can't confront the template format to actually do it.

So that's why I'm commenting over here... sniff...

Trolling indeed...
lyrical warfare - Feb 15, 2002 @ 8:25 AM - Permanent Link

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