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New Webcam Features

I have just uploaded the new code that enables a few new feaures with the webcams.

First of all, those of you with webcams should go into your settings and ensure the information on your webcam is correct. I have added two new fields where you can put the width and height of your webcam. This will ensure that all thumbnail images of your webcam that appear on your site will show up with the correct proportions.

The second thing for you to do is make sure you webcam interval is set correctly. You may not enter text anymore. Just enter the number of seconds between picture updates. This number will be used in the next feature.

Webcam popups! Yes, that's right. Webcam popups now work. Simply click on the thumbnail image to have a popup window with the webcam appear. The dimensions and interval you enter into the settings page determine the size of the popup and how long the refresh rate it. I have also enabled this for the gallery, so you can simply click on any of the thumbnails in the gallery to get a popup.

Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions I got on features to add to the webcams. It's good feedback, and I try to incorporate as many of the suggestions as I can.

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